The Post-Season Checklist

By “post season” we’re actually not referring to playoffs and tournaments. What we’re talking about today is what the athletic director should do once a season has ended. For most of us, basketball season has recently come to a close. Whether your team cut down the nets or pulled a Denver Nuggets, you have a small window to take care of some important administrative duties. Some of this is common sense that you probably already do. Hopefully, there are a few things listed today that you haven’t considered previously but will begin to implement going forward.


This one falls under the common sense category. Despite it’s obvious necessity, though, I’ve found myself letting this one slide.

Make sure that you check in all supplies and equipment that was checked out at the beginning of the season. If you don’t have some sort of check out system, you would be wise to start one.

There isn’t much to check out during basketball season with most equipment staying in your athletic closet. However, a sport like baseball or track and field does require a more stringent inventory process.

The most important thing to be sure to round up is your team’s uniforms.

You can easily replace a missing basketball, but purchasing one new uniform can be frustrating and pricy.

This might not be a difficult task for your varsity uniforms. Typically, coaches and ADs take great pride in their varsity kits and are super protective/possessive of them. (I know that I’m this way). The biggest problem will be in those cheap elementary reversibles that the kids take home with them after every game. Be sure to keep track of them.



Was there a pre-season meeting between you and the coach? Did you lay out some program goals for the season? If you didn’t, make a note to do that in the future. If you did, how did the coach(s) do in meeting those goals?

Talk with your coach. Did the season end well? Are they burned out? Did they have any frustrations with program administration? You may not want to ask these questions on the bus ride back after the last game. You certainly don’t want to wait too long, though.

Remember that your athletic department involves more than just you and the coaches. Take time to talk with players and parents to get a different perspective on the season.

Ask players what they thought of the season. Ask parents what they thought of the coach. Be sure to pick the right people to interview. You certainly don’t want to ask someone that you know is upset about playing time. You also don’t want to ask the star player or his parents either. Shoot for someone that you know has a level head and will understand what you are trying to accomplish.

Meetings like this will help you gain valuable insight into how you can do your job better. They also can serve a PR purpose as your players and parents see that their input is valued.


Record and Award

We’ve already talked about the importance of taking accurate stats. Make sure that you gather any missing information.

Enter all records into whatever database it is that you use. serves as a great resource for this, but you may also want to have a personal file.

Right after the season ends is also the best time to talk with coaches about awards. Most schools have a sports banquet towards the end of the school year. Maybe your teams have them at the end of each season. Either way, figure out your awards quickly after the season is over.

Establishing which awards are given to whom as soon as the season ends is the best way to ensure that each athlete gets the award that they deserve.

Waiting too long allows too many factors to cloud judgment. It’s best to do it while the season is still fresh in everyone’s mind. You can always make adjustments later.



Be sure to express gratitude to everyone involved in the season. Don’t assume that everyone knows they’re appreciated.

You can never say “thank-you” enough.

Perhaps you do a big thank you presentation at the awards banquet. Either way just be sure to drop a quick thank-you note or token of appreciation off with them.

Try to think of as many people as you can in this process. Even if someone performed a small job that was easy to do, let them know they’re appreciated.


Christian school athletic departments are very busy. It’s easy to get caught up in preparing for the next sport at the end of the current season. Take a quick second and go through this checklist: inventory, evaluate, record and award, and thank. You’ll be glad you did.

Jeff is the athletic director at Victory Baptist Academy. He is also the founder and administrator of

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