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Well the first week of school for us has been a blur. I, along with the rest of our staff, have been crazy busy. We’re in the middle of hosting a three day long volleyball tournament. So far it’s going great. However, due to my busyness, I was not able to get an article edited for today. Trust me when I say you don’t want to read one of our un-edited articles. So in lieu of an article today, we’ve assembled a list of links to valuable resources for Christian school athletic directors. Enjoy.

Hardwood Hustle Podcast: Faith and Sports

This is a basketball podcast, but check out their discussion on the role that faith plays in sports. They have two episodes on the topic. Both speakers offer their very different worldviews. If you like things that make you think, then this is a very interesting discussion.

Hardwood Hustle Podcast: What Role Should Religion Play in Basketball (part 1)

Hardwood Hustle Podcast: What Role Should Religion Play in Basketball (part 2)


Athlete By Design

Jeremy Boone and Athlete By Design offers a variety of resources (many of them free) on coaching, sports psychology, strength training, and athletic development. Check out his podcasts, articles, and eBooks.

Athlete By Design


323 Sports

In my time as a coach and athletic director in charge of purchasing equipment and clothing, I have not come across a better company than 323 Sports. They offer many quality products and have amazing customer service. Most importantly to me (probably you too) is that they don’t treat the small Christian school like a second class customer. Check them out; you won’t be sorry!

323 Sports

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