Media Monday: How Awesome Would Kronum Be?

Ok, there is no real practical value to this version of Media Monday. If you’re pressed for time or not into awesome things, then don’t click. But seriously, Christian schools, can we get a Kronum league going? I would travel any distance to try this. Honestly, the first challenge would be learning the rules. After that, though, it looks like a real blast. I know it will never happen, but we can dream, right?

Jeff is the athletic director at Victory Baptist Academy. He is also the founder and administrator of

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2 thoughts on “Media Monday: How Awesome Would Kronum Be?

  1. Yo Jeff!

    Phil Cavalcante from Kronum League here. Thanks a ton for posting about the sport we love! Kronum is on the fast track and growing fast so I have to respectfully disagree when you say it will never happen! Haha. We hear that a lot and THEN we make it happen. We can make Kronum happen at Victory Baptist Academy way easier than you think. We’ve been running it at colleges and high schools on the East and West Coasts but VBA could be the first in Texas! We already have a club forming at UT-Dallas but we want to play Kronum at the scholastic level as well.

    Every athlete of every skill set can enjoy and effectively play Kronum. It would be great to chat to see how we can get Lone Star Kronum up and rolling! Feel free to email or call to discuss.

    This site is awesome by the way. I’m going to subscribe right after I hit send here.

    Hope to talk soon.


    Phil Cavalcante
    Kronum League
    Kronum California