So I’ve been blogging for almost a year now which isn’t very long. However, I’ve been reading blogs for quite some time now. I’ve noticed that when writers have nothing to say or get really busy that they throw a post that links to a whole bunch of other stuff and call it a day. I always thought that it was a cop out. Actually I still think it’s a cop out, but I didn’t have a chance to finish this week’s article (read: spring break honey-do list and championship week on ESPN). So instead, here’s some links to things that I’ve found useful or entertaining. Enjoy!


– You’ve probably seen this by now, but I laugh really hard at the slow motion part every time. That probably makes me an awful person.


– A great blog resource for all coaches and especially Christian coaches is Coaching Coram Deo. Coach Andrew Wingreen has some great thoughts and articles. Give it a look.


– Another fantastic blog that I stumbled across is High School Sports Stuff. It belongs to Athletic Director Mark Rerick of Grand Forks Public Schools in North Dakota. It’s a constant struggle to find resources for athletic directors, but this website is one of the best!


– Many of you know that Coach Kevin Templeton is one of my personal heroes. You can check out what I have said about his camps in the past. Anyways, I digress. The real reason I’m mentioning him is to let everyone know that his book To the Hilt: Coaching Character for Life is finally available. I’ve read a few chapters of it, and it looks like it will live up to the hype. (not a paid advertisement)


– I saw this at I can only hope to be this good at anything some day.


– March Madness is right around the corner which has me feeling like this. Anyway, here’s some solid advice from Bleacher Report about filling out your bracket.


If you were hoping for an article today, I’m truly sorry. Check out one of our classics!

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