Media Monday: How Awesome Would Kronum Be?

Ok, there is no real practical value to this version of Media Monday. If you’re pressed for time or not into awesome things, then don’t click. But seriously, Christian schools, can we get a Kronum league going? I would travel any distance to try this. Honestly, the first challenge would be learning the rules. After that, though, it looks like a real blast. I know it will never happen, but we can dream, right?

Media Monday: Top 9 “Must Haves” for Youth Athletes

This video would be a great video to show to the parents at your school. The younger the athletes the better. As a parent it’s easy to lose focus on the true issues. We all want our kids to win. However, sometimes we allow our desires to get in the way of most important. Check out the video; maybe you can use it.


So I’ve been blogging for almost a year now which isn’t very long. However, I’ve been¬†reading blogs for quite some time now. I’ve noticed that when writers have nothing to say or get really busy that they throw a post that links to a whole bunch of other stuff and call it a day. I always thought that it was a cop out. Actually I still think it’s a cop out, but I didn’t have a chance to finish this week’s article (read: spring break honey-do list and championship week on ESPN). So instead, here’s some links to things that I’ve found useful or entertaining. Enjoy!

Media Monday: Outside the Lines

It’s been a while since we’ve done a Media Monday post. Basketball season got busy here in Texas, and I’m sure many of you are at the busiest time in your school year as well. If you’re a Sports Center junkie like me, then you probably already saw this yesterday morning. If you haven’t take some time to watch the first ten minutes or so. ESPN and Bob Ley do a good job of hearing both sides of the issue. This episode interviews Dr. Robert Cantu. Cantu’s work Concussions and Our Kids: America’s Leading Expert on How to Protect Young Athletes and Keep Sports Safe
was heavily cited in our series on concussions. You can read Part 1 and Part 2 here. Click the link below and enjoy the video. Happy Media Monday!

Outside the Lines: Is Playing Tackle Football before Age 12 Dangerous?

Media Monday: Beginner Basketball Drills

Hopefully, your elementary basketball teams are beginning to practice sometime soon. Every great basketball program has great youth coaches. However, maybe your youth coach is a parent or another different volunteer. Today’s video from Adam Wamsley and Oregon Basketball. In it you’ll find some great drills for beginning basketball players (and coaches)! It also has some simple inbounds plays that most teams can run as well as some basic offenses. Enjoy!

Media Monday: Specialization in Youth Sports

Today’s video has a message to coaches and parents about the long term effects of specialization on young athletes. You can read our thoughts on specialization and overspecialization by clicking here. The video is about eight minutes long. Take some time to check it out. This is a message that all adults in youth sports (especially parents) need to hear.

Media Monday: Should High School Sports Be Allowed?

Although made by an amateur, today’s video poses an interesting question. A question that greatly affects all those in athletics: Should high school sports be allowed. It is a question that deserves contemplation. As the global sport culture shifts away from school teams and more towards club participation, high school sports is still big business in America. This video looks at the positive and negative impacts of interscholastic sport on high schools and their students. Check it out.

Media Monday: Running a Successful Program

Coach and Athletic Director is a great resource for those involved in high school athletics. We strongly suggest that you subscribe to their material. Another avenue of support that they provide is through their YouTube channel. Check out today’s Media Monday clip with Coach and Athletic Director as they interview Arrowhead High School athletic director Kevin Flegner. One point of interest was what he had to say about continuity in hiring new coaches. Check it out!

Un-Plateau Your Soccer Players

The middle of October in Christian schools usually marks the beginning of the end for men’s soccer seasons. Many of your programs are gearing up for a playoff push. Here is a very brief video introducing some more advanced passing and dribbling drills for your soccer players. Keep practice fresh and challenging. Good luck in playoffs from

Un-Plateau Your Cross Country Runners

After a brief intermission last week with Joshua Medcalf, we’re returning to our “Un-Plateau” series this week. Cross country is the sport where athletes will hit plateaus the most. The body responds positively to the heavy amounts of training at the beginning of the season and runners improve. However, as you get to the middle of the season times start to stagnate leaving everyone frustrated. Check out today’s Media Monday clip. It focuses on incorporating hill training in your workouts.