5 Reasons Why You and Yours Should Read To the Hilt

If you’ve been visiting TheAthleticDirectors.com for any length of time then you’ve probably heard us reference Coach Kevin Templeton or, as he is known by many, Coach T. The Lord has greatly blessed Coach T’s ministry over the years. He has held a variety of positions at public schools, Christian schools, and Christian universities. All of Coach T’s experience and wisdom have finally been summed up in his book, To the Hilt: Coaching Character for Life. This is not your average coaching philosophy book. Allow us to help persuade you to pick up a copy for yourself and add it to your library.To-The-Hilt-banner-300x200

When Culture Doesn’t Click (Part 3)

In the final installment of our “When Culture Doesn’t Click Series” we look at some steps that you can take after you have completed the analysis stage. Once you’ve taken the appropriate time to address the personal, relational, and public reasons of why the desired athletic culture isn’t taking hold in your athletic department, you need to begin to move forward.

Bob Jones AD in the National Hoops Spotlight

For today’s Media Monday post we’d like to direct our readers to the Hardwood Hustle podcast. Bob Jones University athletic director and men’s basketball coach Neal Ring sits down with Alan and Adam to talk hoops, athletic directing, and more. Check it out! It’s a great listen.

Hardwood Hustle Episode 149

Training Competitors – Part 1

Many athletic directors are tasked with building, rebuilding, or maintaining a “competitive program” at their schools. To do this requires careful attention to detail in so many areas. TheAthleticDirectors.com believes that an AD can have all the proper policy, procedures, personnel, and programs in place and still fall short of a “competitive program.” We believe the best way to achieve a “competitive program” is to start at the source: the athletes. If you want to be successful, then you need to train competitors. Join us for a look at the first in a two part series about how to teach your athletes to compete.

The Good Assistant Coach

If you’ve been involved in Christian school sports (or high school sports in general) for very long then chances are you’ve served as an assistant coach a few times. Being an assistant coach is a very important job. Consequently, the right qualities in an assistant coach are vital. So what qualities make an assistant valuable to a program’s success?

Resource Day… due to busyness

Well the first week of school for us has been a blur. I, along with the rest of our staff, have been crazy busy. We’re in the middle of hosting a three day long volleyball tournament. So far it’s going great. However, due to my busyness, I was not able to get an article edited for today. Trust me when I say you don’t want to read one of our un-edited articles. So in lieu of an article today, we’ve assembled a list of links to valuable resources for Christian school athletic directors. Enjoy.