Coaching the Upcoming Generation

As have many of you, I recently underwent a week of teacher in-service training here at Victory Baptist Academy. For many schools, in-service week is a dreaded time of mandatory meetings and supposed preparation for the upcoming school year. However, our administrator, Matt Ticzkus, is well connected and always has fantastic speakers lined up for our staff each year. (he reads the blog, so I’m scoring brownie points here) This week we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Phil Johnson of Global Next speak on a variety of topics. However, one of his lectures really connected with me. The notes from that lecture really got me thinking about how I coach and lead today’s generation of athletes: Generation Z.

5 Reasons Why You and Yours Should Read To the Hilt

If you’ve been visiting for any length of time then you’ve probably heard us reference Coach Kevin Templeton or, as he is known by many, Coach T. The Lord has greatly blessed Coach T’s ministry over the years. He has held a variety of positions at public schools, Christian schools, and Christian universities. All of Coach T’s experience and wisdom have finally been summed up in his book, To the Hilt: Coaching Character for Life. This is not your average coaching philosophy book. Allow us to help persuade you to pick up a copy for yourself and add it to your library.To-The-Hilt-banner-300x200

Media Monday: Top 9 “Must Haves” for Youth Athletes

This video would be a great video to show to the parents at your school. The younger the athletes the better. As a parent it’s easy to lose focus on the true issues. We all want our kids to win. However, sometimes we allow our desires to get in the way of most important. Check out the video; maybe you can use it.

5 Reasons You and Yours Should Read The Leftovers

I’ve always viewed book reviews as sort of a cop-out from a blogging standpoint. There’s no original content in a book review. It’s just one writer rehashing and summarizing something that a more accomplished, more popular writer has already said. But King Solomon was right when he said, “there is no new thing under the sun.” The goal here is not to necessarily to review The Leftovers: Basketball, Betrayal, Baylor and Beyond, but to convince you why the kids in your Christian school athletic department should read it.

Media Monday: Do’s and Don’ts of Baseball Coaching

Baseball season is in full swing, so this post might be a bit too late. However, all coaches regardless of sport, age-level, or experience should watch this video. As athletic directors, we could take many of the things that are mentioned in this video and include them in our policy handbooks. The video comes from DNA Sports. They have assembled a great YouTube channel of youth baseball coaching advice.

Media Monday: Kids Play Too Many Game

Wow, it’s been a while since the last installment of Media Monday. Today’s video comes to us from Alan Stein and Stronger Team. I’m sure many of you are familiar with his work and perhaps have already seen this video. The title speaks for itself. Clearly it’s directed at overuse injuries caused by basketball, but the concept is universal in youth sports. As athletic directors and coaches, we have a direct influence over the amount of games that athletes play while under our watch. Overspecialization is a problem in today’s youth sports culture. Not only should athletes train more than they practice, but they should also participate in different sports in the off-season in order to give certain muscle groups a break. Don’t be part of the problem; be part of the solution.

Are We Doing It Right? Wade into the Deep End

This is the third post in our “Are We Doing it Right?” series. Last week we posed the question as to whether or not we were empowering our athletes not only on the field but also in their spiritual lives. We sought to connect the dots between the relationship of our athletic department and its participants to training them to live a vibrant, active spiritual life. Today we’re going to see how we can use our athletic department, teams, and programs to deepen their relationship with God. Today’s post should be both philosophical and practical. Join us!

Are We Doing it Right? The Case for Empowerment

In last week’s post we posed the question, “Are we doing it right?” By “it” we’re talking about whether or not our athletic departments accurately reflect Biblical teaching and actual Christian life principles. So many times authorities and leaders say and believe all the right things, but then in practice they do the opposite or contradictory thing. Could this inconsistency be what disenchants so many or our athletes about Christianity? How can we help them connect the dots? Here’s the first of three (four? we’ll see) posts on how to make our athletic departments more spiritually engaging.

Media Monday: The Myth of Selfish Teens in Athletics

It’s been a couple weeks since a Media Monday post. It’s certainly a busy time of the year on the athletic calendar as I’m sure many of you understand. In this edition of Media Monday, we take a look at a quick word from Coach and Athletic Director. In this video, football coach Greg Malling gives his thoughts on why being a part of a team proves that teenagers aren’t as selfish as we all think.

The Coaching Hire Conundrum

Christian schools and many smaller schools in general struggle from time to time to find coaches for certain sports. At Christian schools you’re pretty much always going to have someone chomping at the bit to coach varsity volleyball and varsity basketball. But what do athletic directors do when they need a middle school girls soccer coach for the spring and everyone on staff is tapped out? Many ADs begin to look to parents or other volunteers to fill these positions. Recruiting coaches outside of school staff can be a hairy experience. Hopefully today’s post will give you some helpful pointers as you look for the best fit for your program.