Media Monday: No Track, No Problem

If you can’t start or maintain a sports program at your school, that’s understandable. However, lots of times Christian school ADs can be guilty of just not being creative. Anyone can make excuses as to why something shouldn’t happen. Follow the link to today’s Media Monday clip. It’s an encouraging story to Christian schools that often lack the resources that seem necessary for success. The true determining factor, however, is the athlete. Check out the story.

Big Project or Big Problem: You Decide

The Field of Victory is the tentative name of our new soccer/athletic field. It’s been a year-long work in progress and somewhat of a thorn in our side. We’re very excited to finally have an athletic field. However, the process of building it was very taxing. This was the athletic department’s first big project at VBA, and we (mostly me) learned some valuable lessons. Hopefully, these thoughts will help you as you consider taking on some bigger building projects in the future.

Let’s Talk Uniforms!

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Advice literature teachers told us throughout high school and college. I don’t know about you, but I never abide by that rule. Have I missed out on some good books? Probably, but if they’re that good I’ll get around to them eventually. If people judge books by their covers, what’s to stop them from judging your athletic department by your uniforms?