A Week with Coach T

Wow, what a week! You really can’t put a price on the things that were learned this week by players and coaches. Coach T, his camp staff, and the guys at Lee University really outdid themselves with this week of camp. In this post we’re going to hit the highlights of the week’s activities and some of the topics that were covered in the coaches’ sessions. If you’re still not familiar with Coach Kevin Templeton check out our video post and click through to his website.

A Week of Learning for the Patriots


We took our extremely young and inexperienced team to Coach T’s camp this year. We were able to field a middle school team and a JV team.

Though we were only victorious in a few of our games, our teams gained so much needed game experience this week with each team playing thirteen total games against other schools.

More importantly, they watched great teams from bigger schools compete against each other as well. They probably learned just as much from watching these better teams play as they did by playing in some of the games themselves.

Our guys also gained valuable skill development instruction from Josh Templeton and Tommy Brown who are also certified PGC Basketball instructors.

Our team had a private classroom session with Josh T. He presented them with PGC’s 6 Krucial Koncepts of being a better basketball player.

They also received lessons in how to SCHAPE their teams and practices with Tommy Brown.

Most importantly, our guys were immersed in a basketball culture at Coach T’s camp. Coach T creates a basketball culture that is second to none. His players serve the Lord, serve each other, and respect everyone.

Coach T’s culture is one that every athletic director should strive to create in his department. As Coach T puts it,

“Culture eats strategy for breakfast.”


A Week of Learning for the Coaches

Both myself and my administrator, Matt Ticzkus, were on hand this week to coach our teams.

Aside from getting schooled by college players in the coaches’ game more often than we’d like to admit, we grew so much as coaches from this week at camp.

Coach T is a master teacher and speaker. He is so good at putting things in perspective.

He shared the story of his grandson, Jacob, who is suffering from a rare syndrome. We would encourage all of our readers to pray for Jacob and check out Coach T’s blog for more info on the situation.

Coach T reminded us that no matter what we’re going through, we need to remember,


“God’s got this.”


Coach had this saying printed on wristbands that I was proud to see on the wrists of my players later in the week.

If nothing else, Coach T encouraged all of the coaches to stay faithful and accountable in the ministry that God has called us to.

On the basketball side of things, we also learned a great deal about ways to create the desired culture in our school, athletic department, and teams.

The PGC Basketball sessions were great, but unfortunately and understandably we can’t share our notes with you on TheAthleticDirectors.com since it is their intellectual property. However, if you’re a committed basketball coach, then you should consider attending a PGC clinic at some point.


The Big Question

Is this really worth it? That’s the question I’ve asked myself both years as I’m making the thirteen hour drive from Weatherford, TX to Cleveland, TN.

Honestly, our athletic department eats a lot of the cost on this trip. Gas, food, and some lodging. It’s not cheap. I often wonder in the days heading up to camp if the investment is worth it.

As we’ve packed the bus the last two years to head home, I always come to the following conclusion:


We can’t afford not to go to Coach T’s Camp.


There is no camp or product in the country that will do more to improve your Christian school basketball team, encourage your underpaid coaches, and revive your athletic culture.

So will we be returning to Coach T’s Camp next summer halfway across the country?


I hope to see you there.

Follow Coach T on twitter! @CoachTtotheHilt

What camps have your school’s teams gone to in the past? What sports? Were they profitable?


Jeff is the athletic director at Victory Baptist Academy. He is also the founder and administrator of TheAthleticDirectors.com.

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