Coaching the Upcoming Generation

As have many of you, I recently underwent a week of teacher in-service training here at Victory Baptist Academy. For many schools, in-service week is a dreaded time of mandatory meetings and supposed preparation for the upcoming school year. However, our administrator, Matt Ticzkus, is well connected and always has fantastic speakers lined up for our staff each year. (he reads the blog, so I’m scoring brownie points here) This week we had the privilege of hearing Dr. Phil Johnson of Global Next speak on a variety of topics. However, one of his lectures really connected with me. The notes from that lecture really got me thinking about how I coach and lead today’s generation of athletes: Generation Z.

8 Tips for Hosting Athletic Events (Part 2)

Do you want your athletic department to make some money? Of course you do! Hosting athletic events is the best way to bolster your athletic budget. If it wasn’t for the athletic events that we hosted each year at VBA, our athletic department would drop into the red by mid basketball season. Last week we gave you the first four tips for hosting athletic events. Today we round out the list with the final four.

8 Tips for Hosting Athletic Events (Part 1)

One of the best ways to raise money for each sport or for your athletic department as a whole is by hosting athletic events. This isn’t a big secret. Every coach and athletic director gets multiple emails and phone calls inviting their teams to tournaments, jamborees, and meets every season. The key, however, to making these events work for you is the execution. Anyone can get a bunch of teams together in one place to play, but the execution of your plan is what ultimately makes the event successful for you.

Reality Checked by a Two-Year-Old

It was a tough start to the week for our team at basketball camp a few weeks ago. We had made the thirteen hour drive to Cleveland, TN to attend Coach T’s Championship Basketball Camp at Lee University. When most people at the camp found out we were from Texas they gave me the “you must be crazy” look when they realized how far we came. I was in a bad place mentally and spiritually after the first few games.

Including Home School Athletes in Your Athletic Department

When I first arrived in Texas I was very surprised by the amount of Christian schools (including ours) that rely on participation from home school athletes in order to field an athletic department. I definitely had mixed feelings about the situation. You can read more about how this policy can affect your athletic department in a previous article. However, today we’d like to look at a more specific angle. How do you include home school athletes in your team?

5 Reasons Why You and Yours Should Read To the Hilt

If you’ve been visiting for any length of time then you’ve probably heard us reference Coach Kevin Templeton or, as he is known by many, Coach T. The Lord has greatly blessed Coach T’s ministry over the years. He has held a variety of positions at public schools, Christian schools, and Christian universities. All of Coach T’s experience and wisdom have finally been summed up in his book, To the Hilt: Coaching Character for Life. This is not your average coaching philosophy book. Allow us to help persuade you to pick up a copy for yourself and add it to your library.To-The-Hilt-banner-300x200

Impacting Lives from the AD’s Office

Our school hired a new teacher/coach for the upcoming school year. I’m very excited, but also kind of bummed out. Since the new coach is coming, I won’t be needed as much in some of our sports. While I look forward to the freeing up of my schedule, I’m a little hesitant to step out of some of the sports that I had been coaching. Most of this is because I’m a control freak, but another huge reason is that I truly enjoy interacting with young people in an athletic setting. I hate thinking that I might be losing opportunities to make an impact.

Know the Pulse of Your Parents

Ah, parents. They are a major part of our athletic departments. With them we can do great things. Without them, we probably get fired. If you google the phrase “athletic director and parents” most of the first responses are tips on how to “deal with” parents. (full disclosure: we’ve written a few articles in this tone as well) While there are some parents that we definitely have to “deal with,” we would rather learn how to “work with” the parents of our athletes. It is for this reason that you as the AD need to know the pulse of your parents.

When Culture Doesn’t Click (Part 3)

In the final installment of our “When Culture Doesn’t Click Series” we look at some steps that you can take after you have completed the analysis stage. Once you’ve taken the appropriate time to address the personal, relational, and public reasons of why the desired athletic culture isn’t taking hold in your athletic department, you need to begin to move forward.

When Culture Doesn’t Click (Part 2)

This is the second article in this series. The goal is to help those of us who have been trying to establish or fix the culture of the athletic departments at our Christian schools. In the first article we talked about the need to keep things in perspective by not panicking. We also highlighted the need for relaxation in order to help us as athletic directors fight the daily battle of culture change. In today’s post we look to help you get to the root of why positive athletic culture didn’t click in your school’s athletic department.